Ella_Organics_Linda_Auksmukste Ella Organics is an idea created many years ago by co-founder Linda Auksmukste.

Linda spent many of her childhood years raised in the countryside by her grandmother, who was a strong advocate for eating organic and living a healthy lifestyle free from harmful chemicals found in non-organic farming. This wholesome outlook on life left a positive impression on Linda that would profoundly shape her ideas for the future.

Tormented her entire life by extremely sensitive skin, Linda was constantly plagued by the harmful chemicals typically found in popular skincare products sold on the market. Employing her late grandmother’s guidance, Linda expanded that knowledge and began researching organic skincare to find herself a solution. Having travelled to many parts of the world in order to broaden her appreciation of nature, Linda became inspired by locals, who were successfully using native plants to help maintain their youthful looking skin. She discovered that a desired effect could be obtained using exclusively organic ingredients and that skincare products could produce outstanding results without ever introducing potentially harmful preservatives or additives.

Ella Organics provides a long awaited option for those seeking to use a skincare range made entirely from 100% certified organic ingredients. With a clear and informative ingredient list, each and every product has been extensively researched and carefully blended to provide a skincare solution packed with vital nutrients. Regardless of skin type, colour or gender, Ella Organic’s products are suitable for everyone.

“I believe in clarity, purity and consistency. Our entire skincare range
is made from 100% certified organic ingredients and forever will be.”
Linda Auksmukste